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VF 1 Holy woman, graceful giver (Alabaster)
VF 2 Myrrh-bearing Mary (Myrrh-bearing Mary)
VF 5 I am he for whom you long
VF 6 Loud are the bells of Norwich
VF 8 Miserere miseris (Dublin Troper)
VF 9 North Africa's mothers gave rise (Beatitude)
VF 10 O Monica, blest mother
VF 11 Salamu Maria
VF 12 Litany for Sisters of the Christ
VF 13 Apostle of the Word (Gospal)
VF 14 Delivered from shame
VF 16 With Miriam we will dance (Leoni)
VF 19 O wind that blows
VF 20 There was Jesus by the water (Talitha cumi)
VF 23 A father came to Jesus (Transit)
VF 24 When, like the woman at the well (Wayne)
VF 25 Jesus describes a forceful woman (Wer nur den lieben Gott)
VF 26 Women of faith (Rahab)
VF 27 I will kindle my fire
VF 28 Our God, we thank thee for the night (The Eighth Tune)