What is RiteSong ?
RiteSong is a digital music library that provides a quick and easy way to include hymns and songs in your worship services. The collection includes hymns from The Hymnal 1982; The Hymnal 1982 Service Music; Wonder, Love, and Praise; Lift Every Voice and Sing II; Voices Found; My Heart Sings Out; and Enriching Our Music 1 & 2. All hymns in the library include permission for congregational print use.
How does RiteSong  work?

RiteSong allows you to download lyrics and/or sheet music as PNG and DOCX files which you can then print or insert into your worship services.

Subscribers can download unlimited hymns throughout the duration of their subscription.

Customers who buy individual songs will be prompted to download the file after purchase. They will also receive an email with a link to the download. Customers also have the option to register for RiteSong to access their downloads and keep track of their order history.

You can buy individual songs for $5.49 each, or you can purchase a subscription which provides unlimited downloads throughout the year. The cost of an annual subscription to RiteSong is based on your church’s Average Sunday Worship Attendance (ASWA). There are seven tiers ranging from the lowest of under 49 to the top tier of 500+ attendees. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed each year.
Terms of Use

RiteSong License Agreement

Thank you for becoming a subscriber to RiteSong, a product of Church Publishing Incorporated and hosted by Augsburg Fortress. Your subscription includes an annual license to use and reproduce RiteSong materials for your congregation within the limitations of these terms of use and the license granted hereunder. Please retain the following important information for your records.

To print or project hymns or service music for any use other than congregational use, you may need additional licensing. For podcast/streaming, please visit One License www.onelicense.net.


Church Publishing Incorporated (the Publisher), as owner and/or administrator of certain rights to the works covered by the terms of this license, grants to the congregation or other qualifying organization identified as the registered owner of this license (the Registered License Owner), the nonexclusive right to use the material described below (the Licensed Material) solely during the term of this license and subject to the conditions described below.

The following conditions apply:


Subject to the terms of this license, the Publisher grants the Registered License Owner non-exclusive permission for the following authorized uses of the Licensed Material:

1. Reproduction of the printed copies or electronic files of the Licensed Material in copies or electronic presentations (including video projections) by employees or agents of the Registered License Owner.

2. Use of the printed copies or electronic files of the Licensed Material by members of the Registered License Owner or by participants at events sponsored by the Registered License Owner.

3. Public performances of the Licensed Materials at events sponsored by the Registered License Owner.


This license authorizes only the uses described above. All other uses are retained by the Publisher and are subject to separate permission. Examples of such prohibited uses include:

1. Preparation of new musical arrangements of copyrighted text or music in the Licensed Material.

2. Distribution of the Licensed Material outside of the Registered License Owner’s organization beyond events sponsored by the Registered License Owner.

3. Translation of the texts of the Licensed Material into any other language.

4. Posting of Licensed Material for public display or on a website.

5. Any other use not specifically authorized by this license.

6. Use of the Licensed Material, either in print or electronic form, after expiration of the license.


All uses of the Licensed Material must be accompanied by the use of the appropriate statement acknowledging the copyright status. Copyright credit lines for material covered by this license must follow this format:

From RiteSong. Copyright [current year] Church Publishing Incorporated All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


The rights granted by this license are not transferable to any individual, congregation, or other organization without the written permission of the Publisher.


This license is in effect at the time of purchase. By placing your order on the Augsburg Fortress on-line store, you are accepting these terms.


The term of the license is for one year from the date of purchase. The license will renew automatically for successive one-year terms, which will be billed at the then current rate. The license will not be renewed if terminated hereunder.


The Publisher or Augsburg Fortress (1517 Media) may terminate the license immediately, at either party’s sole discretion if the Registered License Owner:

1. Does not use the specified copyright acknowledgement credit lines.

2. Assigns the license to any individual, congregation, or organization without permission

3. Does not otherwise comply with the terms of the license.

4. Makes and/or distributes unauthorized copies of the Licensed Material.


If the Registered License Owner chooses at any time to not renew their subscription to RiteSong, upon expiration or termination of the license all printed and electronic copies or originals of the licensed Material must be destroyed.


All Church Publishing Incorporated copyrighted and copyright-administered texts and congregational singing parts (music graphics). This license does NOT include copyright permission for any similar material whose copyright is not owned or administered by the Publisher (permission for use of any such materials must be obtained from the owner/administrator for each use), congregational hymns or songs, any musical accompaniments to liturgical music, or any other music not included in the RiteSong content set.


Individual subscriptions are offered for one-time use only, including use at locations where this individual is serving on a one-time basis. Downloaded content cannot be shared or given to any other individuals, churches, or organizations for repeated use.


RiteSong includes hymns and songs from:

The Hymnal 1982

The Hymnal 1982 Service Music

Wonder, Love, and Praise

Lift Every Voice and Sing II

My Heart Sings Out

Voices Found

Enriching Our Music 1 & 2

Songs for which permission has not yet been obtained are not included in the library. As copyright holders grant these permissions, these songs will be added.


Once logged in, subscribers can click the arrow (download this file) icon to the right of any hymn name, enter the usage information, and click "Download File".

Although RiteSong provides a license for use of the content you download, the creators of these works are paid on the basis of usage. We therefore ask at the point of download how many copies you intend to produce. This figure is normally the number of printed copies you intend to make, but can also be the number of people who will see the content. This is a key part of the calculation of royalty payments to the creators/administrators of that work.

Non-subscribers can purchase individual songs and will be prompted to download the file after purchase. They will also receive an email with a link to the download.

The download is a zip file that includes PNG and DOCX files. These files can be printed or inserted in your worship bulletin.

Account Page

"My Account" allows you to view and manage all aspects of your RiteSong account, including renewal date, download history, and adding users.

To add users to the account, go to “User Profiles” and click on the green "Add User" button. Fill in the name, email, and password and click “Submit”. You will need to give the new user their credentials as RiteSong does not send automated emails with this information. If a user has an account for RitePlanning or Journey to Adulthood, their current password will take precedence over what you enter.

To edit a user’s information or change a user's password, click on the pencil (edit) icon to the right of the username.

To remove a user from your account, click on the trash can (delete) icon to the right of the username.

Contact Us
Please contact our customer support team by email webhelp@augsburgfortress.org, or call 844-993-3811, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Central Time).